Funny And Badass Band Names Ideas in 2023

The band name is one of the most important elements of your band. It's what people will use to find you, so it's important to get it right. If you're looking for inspiration, here are some of the great ideas for bands and artists in 2023:

Funny Band Names Ideas for Users

We've got some puns and some silly jokes — but mostly we've got lots of awesome bands who have chosen great names that are also funny.

If you're looking for something else, check out our list of cool band names or our list of weird band names.

  • The Frightened Onions

  • Spare Parts

  • Unintended Consequences

  • Elephant Fluff

  • The Autotuned Toddlers

  • Drunken Masters of the Universe

  • The Queen and Her Quarantine Band

  • Funky Boogerman

  • The Sticky Bandits

  • The Creeping Crud

  • The Ruminant Misfits

  • The Chilling Lizards

  • The Clattering Radiators

  • Sore Losers

  • The Ramble Banders

  • The Invisible Man Band

  • The Cissy Puffs

  • The Lickerish Quartet

  • The Blue Oyster Cult

  • The Black Eyed Peas

  • Poisonous Kangaroos

  • The Bored Vampire Cheerleaders

  • The Super Duper Monkeys

Badass Band Name Ideas

Badass band names are a great way to start your band. It's important to get this right from the start, as it can make or break your career. Here are some badass band name ideas:

  • The Evils

  • The Psychos

  • Criminal Minds

  • The Frugal Flounders

  • The Four Horsemen

  • The Small Faces

  • All-American Rejects

  • Bloodlust

  • Boneshakerz

  • Axecutioners

  • The Misfit Boyfriends

  • Metal Bloodsuckers

  • Deep Blue Something

  • Herman’s Hermits

  • The Monkees

  • The Darkness

  • High Voltage Zebrafish

  • The Ouchies

  • Hairbangers Anonymous

  • The Squeakies

  • The Fun Guys

  • Hilarious Hounds

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