How Do I See All The Posts I've Liked on Instagram?

Liked  Post on Instagram

Instagram users view a number of posts, and stories and like those that seem interesting.  Scrolling down to Instagram to view further, the posts you have liked earlier may disappear and if you want to see them again, then you must be frustrated. But fret not, you can see the history of your liked posts. 

We will let you know how to view liked posts on Instagram, through this post. Keep reading.

How to View Liked Posts on Instagram?

Proceed to know how to see posts you liked on Instagram, by following the steps

  • Launch the Instagram app on your phone.

  • Navigate to the “Profile” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen

  • Tap on the “Three lines” icon located in the upper right corner.

  • Now Select “Your Activity” from the pop-up menu.

  • Click on “Interactions” on your activity page.

  • Now tap on the “Likes” option from the menu.

  • Here about 300 most recently liked posts will appear on the screen.

  • Tap on the thumbnails from the list that you want to view in full and see.

Finding the exact post that you liked earlier and want to see again is pretty tricky, Instagram sorts posts from “newest to oldest” by default. But to get the appropriate posts that you have liked you can sort using the “Sort & Filter” feature and can filter it by the name of the sender, and by the start and end date to find it easily. 

Online Geeks May 5, 2023
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