How to fix Discord PFP Blurry Glitch in 2022?

Discord PFP Blurry Glitch

It can be very irritating if you set a new discord pfp and the picture comes out to be blurry and is not visible. Your Discord PFP is the first thing that people notice about your account and that is why it is very important to ensure that your PFP is not blurred and is visible to others. However, if it is not then, there is no need for you to worry as you can fix the issue with the method that we are giving here. 

Fix Blurry Discord PFP on your Device

You do not need to worry a lot if you are wondering why is my discord pfp blurry as you can easily use the steps that we are giving here to ensure that your PFP is not blurred.

The issue mainly arises if you have uploaded your new PFP with the help of the Discord mobile application or Discord website from your mobile phone and you can easily resolve the issue by using a laptop or computer to reset the PFP of your Discord account. We recommend that you use famous browsers like Google Chrome or Safari to set discord profile pictures of your account and the resolution of the picture should be 128 x 128 so that it is not blurred. 

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