How to Hide Apps on your iPhone 2022?

Hide Apps on your iPhone

I am sure that you have observed that due to multiple applications your iPhone screen seems very clustered and filled and that is why you often wish to remove some non-important applications from the screen so that you can see it much better. 

If you want to know how you can make your iPhone screen less cluttered then, you can easily hide the applications that you do not use on regular basis. So, here you will get to know the process with which you can know how to hide apps on iPhone that will help you in doing the same. 

How can you hide Applications on your iPhone?

  • There is a very simple process that you can use when you want to hide apps on iPhone and you can easily understand the process that we are discussing here. 
  • Move to the home screen of your iPhone to start the process. 
  • You need to look for the application that you want to hide and then, long-press the icon of that application. 
  • You will be able to see a drop-down menu where there will be different options available. 
    You need to choose the option that spells ‘Remove App’. 
  • Then further, select the option ‘Remove App from Home screen’ and you will see that your app will be removed from the home screen. 
  • You can easily locate this application in the App library of your iPhone whenever you want to use it. 

Well, now we are sure that you definitely know the process to hide apps on your iPhone that will make it easy for you to manage your home screen. 

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