Most Beautiful Lord Krishna Quotes in English

Lord Krishna Quotes

Lord Krishna is worshipped by many users and this is why there are people who are looking for Radha Krishna love and the users at the best place to know about it.

In this blog we are going to tell the users about best krishna love quotes so that the users can use them whenever they want to.

Quotes of Krishna for the users –

  •  The only way you can conquer me is with love, and then I am happily conquered by you. 
  • One who sees inaction in action and vice versa action in inaction – he is a smart man. 
  • Fear not. What is not real, never was and never will be real. What’s true, always was and cannot be destroyed. 
  • No one that does good work will ever come to a awful ending, either in the world to come. 
  • There are three gates to self- destructive hell – yearn, rage, And Greed. 
  • A guy is made by his belief. As he thinks, so he becomes. 
  • Hell has three entrances – gluttony, fury and enthusiasm. 
  • Play your compulsory duty, because the action is far better than inaction.
  • I’m the beginning, mid as well as end of production. 
  • Faith in Krishna is the most excellent and the safest course. 
  • The pleasure from the senses looks like nectar at beginning, but it is sour as the toxin at the very end. 
  • He’s no attractions can easily love other, for his love is pure and divine. 

The users can use all these Krishna quotes whenever they need to so that they can use them in their posts.

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