Top Baby Boy Names That Start with S

Baby Boy Names That Start with S

Are you looking for the boy names that start with s? If yes, the person can see classic, biblical names from the list given below. The notable names starting with “S” are actor Sylvester Stallone, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and many more. There are various actors who choose unique names that start with s for their baby boys which are Saint, Samuel, and many more. The parents can choose anyone for their little boys. 

Popular Boy Names Start with “S”:

The person would be able to see various names starting with “S”. They have to check the name which is most suitable for their child. Some of the names are as follows:

  1. Sebastian: The name has the meaning “venerable” in the Greek language. 
  2. Samuel: This name has two meanings. One is the name of god and the other one is god has a heart. 
  3. Santiago: According to the Spanish, the meaning of this name is “Saint James”. This is also the name of the capital of the city of Chile. 
  4. Silas: The person can take it as the short form of “Silvanus” in Roman or as “Hebrew” which is in Greek.
  5. Sawyer: It is the original English surname which means “sawer of wood”. 
  6. Steven: The meaning of this word according to English is “crown” or “ wreath”. 
  7. Simon: The person would easily find this name in old as well as new testaments. According to Greek and Hebrew, the meaning of this name is “he has heard”. 

Common Boy Name Starts with “S”:

  1. Sam: It is just the short form of the name “Samuel” or “Samson”. It can have a name meaning “dark”.
  2. Scott: As per English and Scottish surnames, the meaning of the name is “Gaelic speaker”. 
  3. Seth: You would be able to see this name in the Old Testament and has a meaning of “placed” according to Hebrew. 

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