What is the Rice Purity Test And How Do You Play?

Rice Purity Test

The Rice Purity Test aka “The Innocence Test” is a digital survey that includes 100 questions and originated during the 1980s at Rice University. The survey is seeking the attention of young fellows and Gen Z TikTokers who have been sharing their Rice Purity Test results with their online audiences. 

Strangely, there are still some teenagers who are aware of the “what is rice purity test”. Are you one of them?

The assessment is simply a self-grade survey to reflect their growing experience and assumed extent of innocence in world matters.

Those matters are inclusive of dating, sex, alcohol, deceit, drug use, and activities that are believed to be vices. By undergoing this assessment you can tick off your diverse life incidents. Some questions included are a little out of date, regardless, Gen Z TikTokers have anticipated the assessment with full enthusiasm. 

For Instance: “Menashe and Wetsel believe it is out of touch with modern-day signifiers of impurity, such as sexting”. 

How to Participate in Rice Purity Test

To participate and to measure how naughty or pure a person you are, you can find this assessment available online. You can also share your score on different social media platforms.

How Are the Scores Counted?

If you have scored 100, then, you are considered as if you haven’t had many sexual or romantic experiences in your life ever before. Whereas, a low score isn’t something to aspire towards.

Is It Worth Giving a Shot?

Yes, this is because such tests are meant to be an entertaining and nonchalant form of initiating conversations about your subjective values, affairs, and they paved the way for people with their innocent and naughty experiences and perspectives with the digital world. To answer your query “what is the rice purity test?” You know what you need to know, so you do you.

Online Geeks July 28, 2023
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