Why Did Snapchat Remove Ghost Trails?

Snapchat Remove Ghost Trails

After using its premium platform, Snapchat Plus, Snapchat has been coming up with various new interesting features. However, it also continues to remove many of them.

Many Snapchat users might be confused about why Snapchat has removed its recently introduced feature called Ghost Trails. Well, if you're one of them, read this article to find out why did snapchat remove ghost trails

Why Was The Ghost Trails Feature on Snapchat Popular? 

The Ghost Trails allowed users to access the live location of their friends along with their past 24-hour history on the map. The intention behind the ghost trail snapchat was to share your location to inform somebody of your location. For instance, you might be meeting your friend at a new cafe so you can just send your location using the feature to let your friend know where you are. 

Why Snapchat Removed The Ghost Trails Feature? 

Many people raised issues about the privacy policy of snapchat ghost trails and how it may not be safe for every user. While there are higher chances that the feature might make a comeback with some improvements, Snapchat has asked users to use its specific live location feature which is meant just for your friends. 

What is the Alternative to Ghost Trails on Snapchat? 

The live location allows you to send your location to specific people only for some time which is relatively safer than keeping a log of the past 24-hour location history. Moreover, you can turn off the sharing of your location by tapping the “Stop” tab under the “Snap Map” section. 

To Summarise

The Ghost Trails feature on Snapchat allows users to view the live and past 24-hour locations of their friends on the map. While some people found this feature helpful and fun, many others raised concerns about its privacy policy. Hence, Snapchat has removed the feature and it might make a comeback after a few improved guidelines. 

Online Geeks September 20, 2023
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